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Thursday, July 21, 2011



Dear Readers, It has been awhile since I have posted a chapter for this mini series. I do apologize for not keeping it up as fast as I did in the begining. I have come to realilze that I do not control my muse and everytime I sat down to finish this chapter nothing would come. I am glad to say my muse is no longer angry  with me and has allowed me to write this chapter and get started on chapter 9. I want to thank you all for bearing with me and I promise if you keep on following me, you will not be disappointed in the end.  Also, I am writing this with no one to edit it so if you see any mistakes that I have missed please charge is to my mind and not to my heart.  I hope you enjoy and also note that all constructive feedback is accepted! -DPR

The crowd burst into cheers and the resonating sound of the trumpets blared into the air, while small flakes of gold and red speckles started to float to the ground. Maya watched as the crowed parted ways to let the King and Queen through with the young girl trailing behind them. Not wanting to miss anything she made sure that she kept very close to the royal family. Every person who the family came in contact with was greeted with warm smiles and some were even greeted with big hugs. Maya observed that the people were generally happy with the royal family, they seemed to be respected and loved, which pleased her greatly. The family made their way from the great hall into the dinning hall, which was equally impressive. It was decorated with exotic flowers that had every shade of color from the rainbow. The royal table was out fitted with white linens and gold tableware. Smaller tables that were decorated similar were positioned in a square like fashion around the walls, allowing the area in between them to be used as a dance floor. Maya stood beside the royal family as they took to their seats. Somewhere in the distance a gong stuck and about 30 people dressed in white carrying huge platters of food, flooded the hall.

 When all the food was set before the people, a loud gong was sounded in the background and everyone in the hall started to eat. Maya watched the festivities with great interest and a feeling of complete peace swept over her as she remembered the feelings that she had on that day. She also noticed how Shagaar and his father, Lord Raymore would slyly whisper to each other then look back up at the royal family. They were taking a particular interest in staring down at the young princess.  Another thing she noticed was how Armand would also still glances towards the young princess way. He would look at her but would turn his head whenever she faced him. When everyone seemed to have finished eating the King stood up in front of the table and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Now that you have all feasted and greeted one another lets continue on with the celebration by starting the dance. May all the single gentlemen come forth.”   As in unison all the young males who were seated at the table came forth and kneeled before the king. “Now, Princess Maya please come and choose who you will dance with first.”  Maya watched as she saw the young princess walk around the table to face the young men who were still kneeling down. As soon as she stood before them Maya could tell that the young princess was hesitant for she watched her eyes move from Armand to Shagaar.  No doubt in her mind that the Princess was remembering the promise that she made to Lord Shagaar early that evening.  Before the Princess could speak Lord Shagaar stood half way up and said, “Princess it would do me with great honor that you would allow me to have the first dance, in doing such will allow you to keep your most gracious promise.”  Stunned by Shagaar’s forwardness the Princess looked to her father the king and he nodded at her. She then said, “Shagaar, your forwardness has served you well. I will give you the first dance in honoring my promise to you this evening. ”Shagaar lifted all the way and extended his hand to the Princess. Maya caught as she saw the Princess steal a glance at Armand who was still kneeling on the ground, but was looking boldly at her as she took Lord Shagaar’s hand. 

The crowd watched in complete silence as they walked hand in hand to the middle of the floor.  As soon as they were in position the music started and the dance was on its way. The guys who were not picked by the Princess all lifted up and went to ask the other young ladies to dance with them. Before you knew it the whole dance floor was covered with people dancing close to the Princess and Shagaar, except for one person and that was Armand who stood in the distance keeping his eyes fixed on Princess Maya.  Maya could see how uneasy the Princess was dancing with Shagaar.  Even though she couldn’t hear what he was saying she could tell by the Princess facial expression that she did not like what he was saying. 

The music soon started to fade and Maya watched as she saw Armand go right up to the Princess and extend his hand to her. Looking like he was taken back Shagaar says something to Armand who only seemed to ignore whatever was being said.  The Princess bows to Shagaar, say a few words and then she takes Armand’s hand. Maya could see that Armand did not a intend to keep the Princess there on the floor, but determined to take her to somewhere private. Just as soon as the Princess took Armand’s hand he quickly started leading her towards the balcony off to the right the room. Maya, not wanting to miss anything that was going to be said between the Princess and Armand, quickly followed behind the couple out onto the balcony.

When Maya reached the balcony she noticed the Princess and Armand were standing close to the rail holding hands and both looking up at the night sky.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” said the Princess.

“Not at beautiful as you." replied Armand. Maya could see the Princess smiling as she turned to her side to face Armand.

“Armand such things you say and yet, you barely know me.”

“I don’t have to know you to speak the truth my princess. Come let us dance under the stars.”

Armand pulled the Princess into his arms and Maya watched as they both danced to the music that was floating in from the dining room.

“I have always dreamed of doing this with you.” Whispered Armand.

“You have?”, said the Princess

“Yes, you have been in many of mine dreams, which started that day I met you and even until now.”

“But Armand we barely know each other”.

“My Princess I know enough. Even though we have never gotten a chance to be around each other, but since that day I met you in your father's chambers. I have heard word of your charity and your kindness towards your people. Word has traveled that you are as smart as some of your father’s council which means you are smarter than most of them, but the word did fail to do you justice in how beautiful you are.”

Blushing the Princess said, “Armand I too have kept up with you. I must admit I was sad that I didn’t get to spend time with you and your father those many years ago, but I have heard that you were ranked one of the top students in your class and that your father has high plans for you to join the army.”

“Well Princess, it looks like we have kept up with each other.”, laughing Armand.

“Yes, it does seem as such.”, said Maya also laughing.

Armand then stopped laughing and lifted his hand to touch the Princess’s face and gently moved his thumb across her cheek.

“My Princess…”, whispered Armand

Maya held her  breath as she watched Armand bend his head down to kiss the Princess lips when all of a sudden out no where she saw Shagaar run up to them and punch Armand in the face. He hit Armand so hard that the force of the impact almost sent Armand over the railing.

Maya could see that the sudden rage come over the Princess face as she pushed Shagaar back and yelled, “What in the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“My Princess forgive me. I was only doing what I thought was right. No man and I mean No man below your majesty’s station should even try to kiss her highness in such a manner.”

“And you?” said Armand.  Aren’t you below her majesty’s station to try anything with her?”

“I am higher than you are or will ever be. You insulin dog!”

With a low growl and heavy voice, Armand said, “I would watch what you say because unlike most dogs, this one has fangs.”

“Then bare you fangs dog and I will show you how a real Master whips dogs like you back in to shape.” sneered Shagaar.

In a flash Armand and Shagaar with both on each other. The Princess screamed as she watched both young men deliver blows to the other.

Maya saw that the Princess’s screams must have gotten someone’s attention in the dining room because the next thing she knew she saw the King, General Terminar and Lord Raymore come rushing through the door. General Terminar quickly ran over and grabbed Armand off Shagaar and Lord moved beside Shagaar holding him back from jumping back on Armand.

“What is this!”, yelled Lord Raymore.  Why is this boy attacking my son?”

Armand yelled, “I am not attacking him, but merely defending myself.”

“Enough”, said Lord Raymore  “King I would have this young man punished for attacking my son”

“NO! screamed the Princess. “Father please listen! Shagaar hit Armand first!”

“Is this true?”, said the King to Shagaar

“Yes, it’s true, but I only hit him to keep this man from defiling the Princess with his kiss. No one your highness below her station should ever assume that they have the right to kiss the Princess in such a perverse manner. “

Maya noticed that the King and the General Terminar both stared at each other and nodded to one another.

“Very well.”, said the King. “General Terminar escort your son Armand home and I will contact you soon with the detail of his punishment.”

“I understand your highness.”, said General Terminar “Armand come, but first apologize to Lord and Shagaar.”

“But father.”, said Armand

“No butts... Do as you are told.”

“Yes Father.”

With a loud sigh Armand turned and faced Lord Raymore and Shagaar.

“My Lord I apologize for my conduct and my behavior towards your son.”  He then turned to the Princess and said, “Princess… I”

But before he could get out what he was going to say Shagaar yelled “Away with him.”

Maya could see that Armand’s body became very still even though he had his back towards Shagaar, but then without warning a low growl started to radiate from him.

The General Terminar grabbed Armand’s arm and said, “Enough!” Armand’s body went limp and he bowed his head down to his father. The General Terminar turned to the King. “My apologizes your majesty he will be punished for his behavior.  “My apologizes again Lord Raymore ” and with that the General Terminar and Armand both walked back towards the dining room and out the front door.

The King turns towards Lord Raymore and Shagaar and said, “Thank you Shagaar for watching out for the Princess and having her best interest at heart.”

“It was the least I could do.”, Said Shagaar” as he bowed down to the king

Stunned by this interaction all Maya saw the Princess could do was stand there with her mouth wide open.

“Your highness I think it’s time for me and my son to leave. Thank you for inviting us to the Princess’s celebration and we look forward to many visits to your kingdom and you to ours.”

With that said Lord Raymore and Shagaar both turned their backs to King and the Princess and walked to the dining room and out the door.

Maya could see the anger and saddens play across the Princess’s face as she said, “Father why do you not believe?  I promise you Armand did nothing wrong!  It was all Shagaar fault, he hit Armand first!”

The King looked at the Princess and said, “I know my child, but Armand still should not have acted the way he did. Things are really delicate between Lord Raymore's world and ours. I being the king of this realm is charged to protect it at all cost. What Armand did could have started a war between our worlds and that is something that we do not need at this time.  Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Father,” stammered the Princess.  But there please tell the Captain to not punish Armand so harshly.

At that moment the king just stood there and looked upon his child.  He then said, to himself. “I see it has begun. I must tell the Queen.”

“What do you mean Father?”, said the Princess

“Nothing my child. Come let’s go back to your celebration”

Maya watched as the Princess wrapped her arms around the king’s and they walked back into the dining hall to finish the celebration.

Maya didn’t follow them in, but continued standing out on the baloney.

I remember this.

The scene then started to fade in front of Maya’s eyes and before she knew it, she was back in the Princess’s room. The Princess was sitting by her bed looking out the window.  From the corner of her room she saw Alice walk in with a silver tray in her hand and on the silver tray laid an envelope.

“Princess.”, said Alice. “I have something here that may cheer you up.” Alice hurried herself towards the princess and took the letter off the tray and laid it down on the bed beside the Princess. 

“Thank you Alice”, said the Princess.  Alice bowed her head and walked back out of the room.  The Princess picked up the envelope from the side of the bed and gently opened it.   She removed a letter and a silver chain attached to a silver ring with little moons on it.  Maya curious of what the letter said moved close to the Princess on the bed.  The Princess opened letter and it said,

Dear Princess Maya,

I write so that I may ask for you for your forgiveness for my conduct on your celebration night.  I should not have acted as such in front of a lady and for that I pray that you have not charged that against me.  Over the past few years I have thought of you many times and wondered how our next meeting would be. I wondered if you would still look as pretty as you did the day I met you in your father’s chambers. Would your skin still feel as soft as it did when I first kissed your hand those many years ago? I thank the Gods for allowing me to come to your celebration and show me that you are not just the pretty little girl who enchanted me when I was a little boy, but a beautiful young woman whose eyes captured my heart the moment I beheld them again and when you smiled I knew there was nothing I could do to defend myself against you. For your smile has awakened a desire in me that I have not had for any other. Even now, I think about what would have happened if we kissed that moment I had you in my arms. I think my soul would have been no longer mines, but completely yours.  I only say this boldly to you because I know you feel the same way.  There is a connection between us that cannot be denied and it cannot be broken unless you desire for it to be. I thank you for sending word to my father that the fight between Lord Shagaar and I was not my fault.  Alas, my father is sending me off to the cold lands for training and I do not know when I will see you again.  In the letter I have enclosed a silver ring on a silver chain and on the ring you should see small crescent moons engraved on it. This ring use to belong to my mother and before she died she told me to make sure that I give it to someone special and now I am giving it to you. Please wear this as a token of my heart and know that I will see you again one day soon.

Always and Forever,


The Princess wiped away the tears as she folded the letter gently and placed it back in the envelope, and then she laid it down on the side of her bed. She then took the silver chain and fastened it around her neck.  This allowed the ring to hoover just above her chest and close to her heart. Holding the ring close to her, Maya heard the young Princess whisper, “I pray to you God, that you may keep Armand safe for I fear he now owns my heart as well!”