Welcome to the wonderful world that I call my imagination! So sit back and relax as I take you on a ride to a world of forgotten dreams, where the impossible is possible, where legends and outer elements co-exist. Where you will run into the creatures of the night and will cry tears when you see the beings of the light! Where shadows are more than what they seem and where creation is birthed by what you believe. Come join me and let's dance to the beat of the sweet melody of my dreams. .

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



To everyone, creatures, and all things lay in between. Welcome to my author's blog site. I am very excited about this blog and I look forward to sharing with you the many tales that I have to offer. You will find stories here that will challenge your very imagination, stir the depths of your soul and bring new meaning to the phrase, What is reality?  In short, I hope you don't just find this blog as an escape from the everyday hum drum of life, but find it as a exotic paradise for your mind. Until next time… Peace and love always -DPR