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Saturday, March 12, 2011



Armand carried Maya into the other room and laid her gently into a plush velvety red chair that was in the corner of the room.  Maya looked upon her surroundings and noticed that the room was  a fairly large one, that was well lit. To the left of her was Armand who was kneeling beside her, holding her hand gently and using his thumb to rub across her palm. The movement was soft and tender and it calmed all her nerves. Again, she didn’t know why Armand had such an effect on her, but she was determined to find out why.  To the front of her sat the Old Lady upon a stool.   Maya looked at the Old Lady curiously and tried to see her Grandmother in her.  She remembered the times that she spent in her grandmother’s arms, how they would spend countless nights in front of the fire talking about life and lessons learned and she remembered the love that her grandmother had shown her through all her life.  This woman in front of her looked like her grandmother, but she was different and Maya not sure of what to do, just sat there silently waiting for the Old Lady to speak.
“Maya.” Spoke the Old Lady. “I know that when you look upon me, that you are confused and maybe a little scared.  I didn’t mean to deceive you my child, but my main goal was your safety and I hope you understand we did what had to in order to protect you.”
Maya looked at the Old Lady and said, “Are you or are you not my grandmother?  If you are then what the hell are you doing here and if you’re not then where is she and what have you done with her?”

Lifting herself off the stool the Old Lady walked over to a table that  seemed to be sitting in the center of the room and lifted a tea pot and poured three cups. The liquid that came out was of a greenish color and she added  two table spoons of  what looked like honey and some crushed up purple flowers. She then brought the cups to Maya on a tray.
She looked at Maya and said, “ Take my child and Armand you take one too.”
Armand still holding on to Maya’s hand lifted himself up and took one of the cups. Maya  just looked at the tray  and said, “ I didn’t ask you those questions to get something to drink. I asked you, so I can find out the truth. I want to know why was I kidnapped and why did you two keep referring me as if I was a different person?”
Sighing, the Old Lady looked at Maya and said,
 “My child what is truth?  Within each and every one of us there is a form of truth that is based on what we will let ourselves believe. Armand and I can sit and tell you about yourself and let you know what is going on, but after we are finished would you believe us?  Would you believe that, you are the daughter of one the most powerful beings in the moonlight realm? Would you believe that we fight for not only the good of your people, but the people of this world to? That what is buried within is the power to control life and death? No, my child you would not believe, but merely say that we are lying to you and that we have done you wrong and a cruel injustice. So my child, I will tell you everything, but in order to do so, you must drink this and Armand and I will not just tell you who you are, but better yet, we will show you.”
Maya hesitantly looked at the cup. She could see the purple flowers slowly start to dissolve in the greenish liquid. She timidly picked up the cup and brought it towards her nose.  As she breathed in, she could smell the hint of fresh cut green grass, laced with the scent of lavender and sweetened by the dash of honey that was put into the mix.  The Old Lady picked up the third cup and sat back down upon the stool. She looked up at Maya and Armand and said,
“What you have in front of you is an elixir called belladoria, it is used to help transfer memories from one to another.  In most cases my children we would not need to use this, but since Maya power’s had to be bound in order to protect her, then this is what is needed.  Once we drink  this  I need you both to relax, Armand I will need you to open your mind to Maya and to me and Maya I will need you to not fight, but to trust me. I will guide you both through your memories and from there you will learn the truth.”
Maya turned from the Old Lady and looked at Armand. He looked at her, nodded his head and gulped down the contents in the cup.  Maya then turned back to the Old Lady and looked at her cup.
I need to know the truth. I need to know what is happening to me and why am I so drawn to a man that I only met a day ago. I need to know who is this woman who raised me as her granddaughter  and I need to know who and what I am.
Maya took the cup and gulped it down quickly. Instantly a warm feeling started to spread all over her. Her body became very hot and she could feel a tingling moving up her spine.  Before she knew it, she starting to panic, her breathing became very harsh and she started to shake all over.  Just as she thought she was about to die, she felt a cool presence upon her skin and heard a whispering in her ear.  She then realized that Armand was still holding her hand and his cool words were soothing her and calming down.
“Maya my love.” Whispered Armand, “Calm down, your defensives are up and I know you don’t know what I mean, but in order for me to help. I need you to trust me and let me in.”
“How do I do that?”, said Maya
“Just breathe in deeply and let the sound of my voice wash over you. Let it cool the burning inside of you, trust in it and know that I love you and would never hurt you.”
Maya started taking deep breaths and slowly let her body relax. As she did so she felt a sudden release of pressure that she had been holding on to. As soon as the pressure was gone and the warm feeling returned to her body, but this time it  was mixed with a hint of coolness. The sensation was new and exotic to her. The coolness of Armand’s presence and warmth of her seemed to intertwine within one another, they were different but equal in part. If was almost like they were made for one another. The feeling felt so right and so beautiful to Maya that she wanted stay in that state for as long as she could, but soon she heard voice of the Old Lady.

“Now my children listen I need you to think back. Think back to the time when all events started to take place, where life for you changed.”

Maya was suddenly caught up in a world wind for colors. Blue, gold, red and green start whizzing by her, swirling around and in gulfing her it’s pure essence. She felt like her body was weightless and that she was flying in the air and suddenly she landed.  When she finally got her bearings she looked around her and saw that she was standing in a large room with an enormous fire place against the wall. The room was elegantly furnished with chairs and cushions spread throughout the area.  As Maya continued to look she noticed that there was a skinny little boy sitting in the center of the floor playing with two miniature figurines.  The little boy had short black hair and he was dressed in a modest style of clothes. She noticed that one of the figures was of a wooden knight that was painted grey.  The knight was equipped with a blue shield in one hand and a yellow lance in the other, while he sat upon a white horse.  The second figure was of another wooden knight that was painted black. It too was equipped with a shield painted yellow and with a red lance in the other hand, while he also sat upon a brown horse.
“Bam, Bam, take that you coward! I will protect the king at all cost!  Bam, Bam!”, yelled the little boy.  Maya almost laughed as she watched the little boy play. He was so into what he was doing she was afraid that if she laughed out loud she would startle him. Even though she knew that this was a memory of some sort, she didn’t want to take the chance of alerting any attention to her. 
A few minutes went by as the little boy played when a figure came into the room. It was a little girl who was dressed ina pink dress that had mini little pink and white bows circling the dress.  The little girl’s hair was dark brown and it was pulled back into two small pigtails that were held together by white and pink ribbons.  The little girl was very cute and she looked shock to find a small boy playing on the floor in the room.  The little girl walked right up to the boy and said.
“Excuse me, but who are you and why are you in my father’s chambers?”  The little boy stopped playing looked up at the girl,  then he looked back down and returned to playing with his figurines.  The little girl was  clearly annoyed that this boy didn’t answer her question asked the boy again.
“Excuse me!”, she said loudly, “Who are you and what are you doing in my father’s the king’s chambers?”

While still play with his figurines, the little boy answered in a soft voice, “I am in your father’s chambers because my father is visiting your father.”  Thinking that was enough the little boy went silent again, but continued smashing his figurines into each other.  The little girl seemed to be taken back by the little boy’s response that she asked him, “Boy! What is your name and old are you?”.  The little boy replied, “My name is Armand and I am 10 years old.”
Armand! Oh my God! That can’t be Armand, look how small he was and frail.
“Yes, my child that is Armand.”, said the Old Lady in Maya’s head.  “Continue to watch, listen and learn then you will know and see the truth that there is.”
The little girl then asked the little boy, “Well, Armand where is my father? Which room is he in?  I would like to speak to him.”
The little boy responded, “They are in the king’s office. My father told me to say out here and keep out of trouble and that is what I am going to do.”
“What are they meeting about?", asked the little girl.
Armand didn’t respond to the little girl, but continued playing with his figurines.  Tired of trying to pry information out of Armand the little girl went over and sat down beside him and watched him play for a while.
“Those are some nice figurines.”, said the little girl.  “Where did you get them?”
As if those were the magic words, Armand stopped playing with his toys and looked up at her. He stared at her for a few seconds before he answered. “My mother gave these to me for my birthday last year, but she died three months after that.”
Shocked by his response, “Sorry.”, was all that the little girl could say.

Armand then picked up the black knight figurine and handed it to the little girl. “Here”, he said. “Let’s play and wait for our fathers to come out.”
The little girl took the figure from Armand and started playing with him.  Thirty minute had gone by before Maya saw two men walk into the room. One of the men was dressed in a purple cloak that was lined with white fur.  He stood about 5’9 in height and he adorned a gold necklace that had different colored gems set in it.
He wore two gold rings on one hand and he carried a golden staff that was in crusted with jewels in the other. The man looked to be middle age and slightly built. His skin was of the shade of light brown and his eyes were deep and black.  His short black hair that was peppered with grey streaks and he wore a golden crown on top of his head. Maya realized that this was the little girl’s father the king. She thought he was handsome and his eyes showed that he was a stern king, but kind.  The man beside the king was about 5’ 10 and wore black cotton pants, with a white cotton shirt that seemed a little too small for his muscular body. He was bald headed with dark brown eyes and with black facial hair that went from one ear to the other.  He was also a handsome man and you could see power behind his eyes. 
“Well,” said the king. “I believe we have an audience waiting for us.”
Laughing the other man said, “Yes your majesty, I believe we do. Come here my son and introduce yourself to his majesty the king.”
“Yes sir.”, stammered Armand  as he rose up from the floor and went and kneeled in front of the king.
“My name is Armand your Majesty. I am the eldest son of Teminar the General of your royal highnesses Moonlight army and of the shadow brigade.  I am honored that you have allowed me to kneel before you in your presence.”
Laughing the king said, “The honor is mine as well mine young Armand.  Teminiar, I see you have raised a fine son.”
“Thank you your majesty, absent his mother, I have done my best with the boy.  He is still on the small side, but he will grow into himself with time.”
“That he will”, said the king. “Armand, I see you have already been introduced to my daughter, Princess Maya of the Moonlight realm.  Maya, come here so that General Teminiar may have a better look at you.”
Stunned and shocked Maya watched in utter disbelief as the little girl got up from the floor and walked her way over to king.  She curtsied for the General and said, “I am honored to meet you General Terminar.”
“The honor is all mine.”, said the General as he bowed down took the little girl’s hand and kissed it.
“Armand.”, said the King. “I see that you were able to keep my little princess occupied while your father and I conversed on some important matters. Not an easy thing to do since I know that her highness can be very demanding and impatient at times.” , said the king laughing.
With a shock on her face the little girl said, “I am not impatient father.”
Smiling the King said, “Hush child. I was only playing with you.”
“Well, said the General “I guess its high time Armand and I get back to our home.”
“Where is home for you?” said the little girl.

“Home my sweet princess is east of the castle on the edge of star lake.”
“Wow!”, said the little girl. “You live there!  My nanny told me stories of the lake and how beautiful it was. She said at night could see the stars swimming in the water. Is that true General?”
Smiling the General said,” Yes, my princess it is true. Maybe one day with the King’s permission you can visit Armand and me and we can show you the lake and all it as to offer. Won’t we Armand?”
Armand looked up at his father and then he turned and looked at the princess. This time he looked at as if he was seeing her for the first time and stammered “Yes father.”
“Well that settles it, your majesty whenever the princess is ready, send word and I will escort her to my home.”
“Well do.”, said the King. “General Let me walk you to the door”
As the General and the King started walking towards the door, Armand walked towards the little girl and said, “Here I want you to have this.” Then Armand held out his hand and placed one of the wooden knight figurines in the little girl’s hand.
“I want you to have the grey one.”, said Armand. “When my mom was living she and I use to play together all the time. Her favorite was the grey one. I figured when you come to visit, you can bring it with you and we can play then.”  And before the little girl could say anything the General yelled out Armand’s name.
 “Coming father!” yelled Armand.

He then turned back towards the little girl grabbed her hand and kissed it. Then he stood back looked at her again and took off running towards the door.
Shocked the little girl and Maya just stood there for awhile. When they were gone the king walked back to the little girl and said, “Well my daughter your only ten years old, but you have already managed to obtain a suitor and a damn good one at that. Armand will grow up to be a fine good man.”
“I don’t know what you mean”, said the little girl
“Oh, you will in time my love. Now, go and tell your mom the Queen, that you will be leaving in two weeks to visit the General at star lake… okay?
“Yes, father.”, said the little girl happily.
And Maya watched as the little girl dashed out of the chamber’s door.

Please stay tuned for Part 6 of “Just One Last Taste”. I hope you all enjoyed it and feel free to leave comments and follow the blog.


Kara Lennox said...

Very brave of you to post your fiction on your blog and request feedback. I will read more later, I realize I need to go back to Part I. But welcome to the class!