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Friday, March 11, 2011


NOTE TO READER:  Again, I want to say that I have some of the most awesomest (if thats a word) people in my life. I thank you all for understanding that a sista need a break lol. So to make it up to you not only am I post part 5 today, but will be posting part 6 by Saturday afternoon. I really hope you enjoy the story and please feel free leave comments and sign up to follow the blog!

Maya slowly opened her eyes and looked around the room.  As she did so she realized that she was laying down on a couch. The couch was wider than most couches and the black leather felt cool against her fevered skin. She tried to lift herself up and as she did so agonizing pain shot through head sending her back down on the couch, clutching her head with one hand and covering her mouth with the other  to keep anyone from hearing her scream.

After a few minutes the pain resided and Maya tried to lift herself off the couch again. With her eyes closed, she clutched the side of the couch and pulled herself up. This time she was able to pull herself all the way up, even though she still could feel the pain pulsating through her head.  While Maya was sitting there trying to get herself together, she could hear yelling in the distance. Curious to wear it was coming from; Maya slowly lifted her head and looked around the room. The room was dimly lit; she could see that the walls all around her were covered from one end to the other with bookshelves filled from the top to the bottom with books.  She noticed that he couch was in the center of the room and it rested upon rectangular carpet that had various colors of red, black and gold coursing through it. Adjacent to her was the door and beside the door was a small computer table with a rolling chair. She noticed that he door was slightly ajar and that there was a light spilling through it. Again, she heard the yelling and shouting and she realized that it was coming through the door. Determined to find out what was going on, Maya grabbed the side of the couch again and slowly lifted herself up to her feet. But no sooner did she take her first step that she felt herself falling back down to the couch.
What the hell happened to me and why do I feel so weak?
Again, Maya lifted herself up to her feet, but instead of trying to walk straight to the door to see what was going on. She decided to that it was better for her to hold on to the bookshelf to keep her balance. 

Still leaning on the couch she made a grab for the bookshelf and caught it just in time before she hit the floor.  Holding on to the shelf she steadied herself and slowly started making her way towards the computer chair that was close to the door. As she walked she noticed that the books on the shelf were worn and faded by age.  The lettering outside of the books were of some kind of ancient language that she had never seen before.  She was tempted to pick up one of the books and just open it to see what she would find inside, but knowing time was of the essence she put the thought away and made her way to the computer table. As she got closer to the table she could see light spilling in from the crack of the door. The closer she got the computer table, the more she was able to see two figures standing boldly in front of each other looking very angry and frustrated. One figured was Armand, Maya breath was taken away again as she looked on him. His body was taunt and hard, he wore an angry expression across his face and his eyes were blazing gold. She stared at him and with each minute that went by she could feel herself growing more attracted to him. It was almost as if they were drawn to each other by some invisible force. She was the moth and he was flame

and it took everything in her to keep from bursting through the door and jumping all over him. But wait what was she thinking? This was the man who tricked her into coming to his apartment.  This was the man who slammed her up against the wall and kidnapped her and this was the man who locked her up in a darken room and left her to have some weird experience from God knows what. She didn’t hate Armand with the intense passion that she did earlier, but she knew that even though she was attracted to him she couldn’t let herself trust him and somehow or another she was going to  pay him back for what he did to her.  She then looked closer to the other figure and noticed that it was an elderly lady that looked like her grandmother yet, there was something different about her. She was still slightly plump with milk chocolate skin and she had the same long gray hair that had streaks of silver highlighted through it. She remembered her Grandmother’s face being kind and loving, with big brown eyes that were caring and full lips like hers. This woman who said that she was her grandmother looked much younger and her face was no longer kind, but stern and her eye’s were no longer black, but were amber in color. Defiantly, each figure stood in front of the other both yelling and chastising the other.  Realizing that she was still holding on to the bookshelf, Maya slowly quietly pulled she chair from under the computer table and sat down. 

She still felt very weak on her legs and she was grateful to have a place to sit while she listened and watched to the two beings in the other room through the cracked door.     
“What the hell were you thinking?”, yelled the Old Lady “You could have gotten her killed! Hell! You could have gotten us killed!” Don’t you realize that?
“Yes I realize that, what in Hades name would you of had me to do? We were already compromised, I was not going to leave her so that he could have her .Your just going to have to deal with it !”
“I agree with you.” said the Old Lady, “but you let your emotions over take your senses.  Putting her in that room, when she was not ready was a big mistake.  Not only did you endanger our lives, but hers.”
“Look, I didn't realize...”, shouted Armand and before Armand could speak the Old Lady said,
“Shut up! You know very well I speak the truth.  Locking her in the dark room was not protecting her from him; it only enhanced his power over her.  Now, not only do we have to explain who and what she is, now we got to try to tell her what happened to her!”
“She will accept me and her duty.”, yelled Armand. “I know she will. She feels it just as much as I do. She knows some things there; she just doesn’t know what it is yet.”
The old lady stared at Armand and then said, “Do you think when she finds out that she will choose that life again?  How do you know she might not want to stay where she is  and live the way she has been living?”
“She will not!” growled Armand.
“Yet!”, said the Old Lady firmly “You do not know for sure.”
As Armand stared at the Old Lady, Maya s noticed that his body language slowly started to soften. She then watched him turn his back to the woman and hang his head. The Old Lady lifted her hand and laid it upon Armand’s back.
“Armand”, said the Old lady softly “ I know you  love her and I know you want her the way she use to be, but we must go at this slowly, she must remember and when she does she must choose and we cannot make that choice for her.”
“What if he comes and she doesn’t choose me?" , said Armand in a desperate tone.
“Then we will cross bridge when we get there.”, said the Old Lady.
When Maya heard that and saw Armand’s head hung in the laps of his shoulders, she felt something inside of her break. She had never heard a man sound so sad before and all she wanted to do at that time was go him and wrap her arms around him and tell him that she was there. Again, she was confused by the overwhelming feelings she felt towards this man, but she needed to find out what was going and why did  they keep referring to her as if she was somebody else?

“Well”, said the Old Lady. “Our time grows short and if we are going to make our stand then we must get started. Maya, please come in, Armand and I need to speak to you. Armand please go and help Maya in, I imagine that she is still very weak from her ordeal this afternoon.”
Startled, Armand looked at the Old Lady and started slowly moving towards the door.  As Maya saw Armand walking towards her she quickly jumped out of her seat and no sooner did she stand up that her leg’s started to go limp and she felt herself tumbling towards the ground. She knew that she was a goner when suddenly strong hands grabbed her and lifted her up. She realized her head was laying on Armand’s chest and she could smell the hint of spice and musk radiate off his skin.  She lifted her head and looked at Armand’s face.  As she looked up she realized that Armand was looking at her too and they stared into each other’s eyes.   His eyes were still gold and she could see the hint of desire swell within them.  Armand leaned his head down and breathed in deeply like he did before as if he was taken in all her scent.  As he breathed she could hear a low growl rumble within his chest and his arms tightened around her body. Maya slowly lifted her hand rubbed her fingers across Armand’s face letting the bristles of his facial hair brush across her skin.  She could feel the heat swell inside of her as she rested her hand on Armand’s head and silently urged him to come closer to her face.  Armand’s lips were soon close to hers, she could feel his warm breath across her face and she could still hear the low growl in his chest. Just as she was about to lean in and kiss him she heard loud cough and when she turned her head she saw the Old Lady looking at them.
 “Maya, I know you are overwhelmed with your feelings for Armand and Armand apparently doesn’t know how to control himself around you, but we must talk, so that you may understand and  know what is going on.” “Armand!”, said the Old Lady “How can we tell her if you continue losing control around her? If you cannot control yourself I will cast you out of the room and I will talk to her myself.”
“You will not depart me from her!”, growled  Armand in a stone and commanding voice.

“I can and I will! Make no assumptions Armand you may be over all others, but you are in my realm DO NOT TEST ME!”  spoke the Old Lady in a soft voice, but you could feel the power behind it.
As Maya stared between the two she almost thought that Armand would defy the Old Lady, but she felt his body relax as he backed down and started carrying her to the other room.