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Thursday, March 24, 2011


So What? I don't' look like you nor do I act like you!
 I see visions and dreams and I touch them with my hand.
I go after the stars in the sky and you have to nerve to ask me why?
I need to ask you why are settling for less then what you are?
You are talented and gifted, but do you have the strength to go far?
 Do you have the will to learn all you can?
 Do you have the passion to ignore all those who tell you, you can't?
 Do you have the drive to stand, even though you stand alone?
Do you have the faith to jump into the deep even though the sharks swim back and forth?
 If you're saying NO even one of these, then why are you worried about me?
 Is that a hint of jealousy?
 I don't settle for the norm and I don't' accept my fate!
 I mended my Broken Wings and soar high into the sky letting the wind be my guide.
 So, I might seem weird to you and I might seem strange
Yes, I like reading paranormal romance and I love science fiction things.
I love to read and write
I love to sing all night
I listen to music from all around the world
Yes, there are moments when I am punk rock girl.
There are times when I need some Neo soul
There a moments when R&B and pop take control
When country takes over emotions start to swell
And sometimes silence comforts me well.
I like to travel and try new things. I enjoy trying different foods no matter how different they are.
Yes, I am single and what?
A man does not define me
He does not play a part in my makeup or the essence of my soul
And when it's time for him I am feeling the lord will let me know
Until then I will keep pushing towards the dreams of my heart
So NO! Being single does not bother me like it bothers you!
If these things make me strange to you, then I feel sorry for you.
For I am out living life and your letting life live you
You are stuck in your box when I am way above it.
So talk about me!
Go ahead!
Call me names!
And even call me a different race!
Just know within that I am one of the greats.
 I push towards the end
And I know one day I will shine bright!
 Yes, I will leave all those who hate on me behind.
I won't look back!
And I don't take names.
I will be all that I can be and even more.
You don't even understand I have just started getting warm
So hate on me hater like my girl Jill Scott sang,
Just know one day YOUR children will be calling my name
And you will remember everything you did to me and I know
You will be telling your children its okay if you're Strange
And you will wish, just wish you did the same!


C.G. Powell said...

Love the Poem...Say it loud say it proud, but at least say it!

Anonymous said...

Very well said Dia! :)

Temperance Black said...

Hi, I'm a new follower. Please stop by my blog and follow me in return. :c)

Pam Asberry said...

Hi Dia! I can very much relate to your beautiful poem. I blogged about being single a couple of days ago, but not as eloquently as you did! I am blog hopping today, but I will definitely be back to catch up on some of your earlier posts. And if you find a minute, I hope you will come and visit my site, as well. I look forward to getting to know you better!

Nichole Chase said...

Love the poem! How was I not already following you? Mistake corrected! Gotta support my fellow HP writer club member!