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Thursday, February 3, 2011

JUST ONE LAST TASTE (Mini Series) Part 2

Just One Last Taste Part 2

Determined that she was going to go to the police, Maya jumped out of bed ran to the bathroom to take a shower and brush her teeth. Then she dressed herself in a pair of form fitting jeans and a black sweater top that hugged closely to her curvaceous body and pulled on a pair of black boots.  As she walked into her living room she realized that the glass from the shattered frame was still on the floor.  She quickly went into the kitchen picked up the dust pan and broom and started sweeping up all the glass.  As she bent down to sweep the glass into the dust pan, she saw the picture that was once securely contained in the frame was now lying against wall; she picked up the picture and stared at it.  It was a picture of Travis and her a few months earlier on their vacation to Folly Beach,

which is just south of Charleston, South Carolina.  You could see the sun shining brightly against their skin and the clear blue sky was illuminated with white fluffy cloud in the distance.  She was reminded on how windy the day was because her shoulder length black hair was flying all over her face. Her mocha colored skin glistened from the sweat of the sun and her light brown eyes sparkled with happiness as she stared into the eyes of Travis.  His dark brown eyes smiled back at her tenderly and his smile that was accented by his sensual mouth and full lips, showed that he was genuinely happy to be with her.  As she continued to stare at the picture memories of that day flooded her mind.  Their casual walks up and down the sea shore, the basking in the sun as they spread sun block lotion all over each other’s body and the intimate kisses that were stolen when they were sure nobody was looking. She remembered how his touch would spread heat through her and how the strength of his arms made her feel safe.  Overall, it was a beautiful day and never in a million years would she have guessed that he would break up with her.
He used me bastard and I gave him everything! I was there when he needed me and I comforted him when he had nobody to turn too!  I was the one going to work sleepy cause he needed help with a project or needed me to read over some documents for him. I was the one that stood up for him when people would talk about him behind his back!  That’s alright he is going to miss me and he will come crawling back and when he does he can kiss my never ending @ss for all I care.
As anger pierced back through her soul, she took the picture and tore it into many little pieces and threw it away in the trash with the rest of the glass.  She then walked over, pulled on her jacket, picked up her purse and walked out her front door. Locking the door behind her she put her keys securely in her pocket and started walking towards the elevator down at the end of the hall.  When she got to the elevator she pushed the button to open the door and stepped inside.  As soon as the door was about to close, a large hand slid between the doors and pulled them apart.  Annoyed by the strangers hand, she stared intently at the doors with one of her frosty gazes determined to make whoever stopped the elevator from heading to its destination feel very sorry that they did that.  

As the doors were pushed back to their respective places a full figured and muscled man with broad shoulder came into view. At first glance, Maya was instantly mesmorized by the man, there was something different about him that she couldn’t but her finger on.  He wasn’t overly attractive by normal standards, but he was handsome.  They both stood there for a few moments regarding each other. He was about 5’11 with dark chocolate skin; his facial hair was visible but kept nicely trimmed.  He was bald headed with dark colored eyes and he had one diamond stud in his right ear.  He wore dusty faded jeans that fit him very nicely, a black colored t-shirt with brown colored boots that went well with his jeans. Overall, in her mind the man was one hot specimen to be hold. She noticed by the way his eyes flittered from her face to her feet that he was checking her out too.   

 In an exotic and sultry accented voice the man said “Sorry.” and then walked into the elevator. There was something about his voice that stirred a deep desire inside of her. She had a feeling she knew this man and knew him well, but didn’t know how or where.  He smiled at her and extended his hand. “Hi, I’m Armand. I just moved into apartment 4B two days ago and your name is?” It took Maya a few seconds to realize that he was talking to her. “Hi, Uhmm... my name is Maya and I live in apartment 4E. I didn’t know that 4b was vacant.”  The man looked at Maya and laughed.
Oh God! His laugh is so beautiful.
“Really?”, said Armand. “The land lord said the apartment has been vacant for about 2 months now.” “Oh! Well, I guess I have never noticed.”, said Maya. “ I have been really busy with work, and  let’s just say I was kind of disposed for the past two days, so I guess that’s why I didn’t notice anyone moving  in. Well, welcome to the neighborhood, my name is Maya Richardson so if you need anything then please let me know.”
  “My pleasure Maya.”, said Armand and he took her hand in his and pulled it up towards his lips and kissed it. When he kissed her hand a sudden rush of heat went through her.  She was flustered and to be taken back by a stranger was something totally new.  He smiled at her again and looked intently into her eyes, “So…”, he said.  “Are we going anywhere?”   “Huh?”, Maya whispered.  “ I mean are we going leave this floor and go to another?”, said Armand.  “Ooohhh!”, said Maya. “Sorry, I guess I am the one closest to buttons. Which floor are you trying to go to?”  “The lobby.”, said Armand with a smile as he leaned back against the wall making sure his eyes never left Maya.  As he stared at her she could feel her face begin to blush as the warm feeling started to spread all over her body.  “Okay,” said Maya sheepishly as she pressed the button for the lobby floor.
Girl, get a freaking grip! You don’t know this man. So why in the world are you jocking him like he is the Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.  Calm down! He is a neighbor and he seems to be new to the area, just be neighborly.
As the elevator started to move Maya asked, “So… Armand, where are you from?” Armand gave her a smile and asked, “Where do you think I’m from?”  “Well, based on the fact you have an accent that I have never heard before, I would say that you’re from somewhere over in Europe. “  He laughed again and this time his laugh felt smooth and velvety as it danced across her skin.

If a woman wasn’t careful she could get lost in his laugh and what woman would not want to get lost with him. Dang girl snap out of it! 

“I am as you say from another place, but I’ve never been told that I have a accent before.", said Armand.  “Really!” exclaimed Maya “Dude, you have one thick accent let me tell you!”  “Does my accent bother you Maya?” “Oh, no!  It doesn’t bother me at all. I mean it’s nice you know... I find it very soothing.”  Then he laughed again and this time it was like his laugh wrapped itself around her drowning her in its pure essence.  Just before she could ask him anything else the elevator chimed and the doors open.   With a little sigh Maya said, “Well, Armand it was nice meeting you. I hope we get to run into each other more often.” With that Maya walked out of the elevator towards the Lobby doors. Just before she was about to pull the door open she felt a hand on her shoulder.  When she turned around to see who it was, it was Armand.  “Maya, I know we’ve only known each other for a few minutes, but I was wondering if you would like to have dinner with me tonight back at my place or if that is too much maybe we could go for pizza or something?” Shocked Maya stared at him for a few moments.
Damn! He is so handsome and I can’t just shake this feeling that I know him, but serious... talking to a guy for a few seconds doesn’t mean I want to go rushing back to his apartment.  He does seem nice though… maybe I can call Andria and have her call every 45 minutes to check on me… beside that heffa owes me one.
“Mmmmhhhh I don’t know Armand, I mean you live so FAR away!”, said Maya laughing. A sly grin spread across Armand’s face and he said, “You do live very FAR away, but I promise I will make it worth your while if you’re willing to take the journey.” And with that he took up Maya’s hand and kissed it again.  This time her body just didn’t get warm, electric shocks started spreading through her limbs leaving small shudders pulsating throughout her body.  When he dropped her hand, she could see in his eyes a intense heat that quickly faded away as he smiled back at her.  Trying to brush the feeling off Maya breathlessly asked, “What time should I come over and do you need me to bring anything?” “Let’s say around 8:00 o’clock if that alright with you?” “Sure!” Maya said “And do I need…”  “No Maya you don’t have to bring anything, but yourself.”  “Great!”, Maya exclaimed. “Well I will see you later on tonight Armand.”  “Yes, Maya I’ll see you tonight.”  Then Maya pulled open the Lobby door and walked out to the parking lot towards her car.

5 hours later…

“ Girl! You mean to tell me that you are actually going to go his apartment?”, said Andria.  “Yes, Andria for the eighteenth time!  I am going to his apartment for dinner that’s all nothing else! Believe me, no dessert will be given.” “Hell! You say that now, but the way you describe the dude and your actions around him makes me want to believe otherwise.”, said Andria.  “See Andria that’s why I am calling… I need you to do the, let’s check on my home girl every 45 minutes thing.”  “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, see if you knew the man longer you wouldn’t have to ask me to do this.”, said Andria “True , but I am asking you and besides you owe me big time. Please don’t make me bring up… What’s his name again… you know the guy you talked to last summer?” “Okay!”, exclaimed Andria “I’ll do it… damn you don’t have to get all dirty on a sister.” “Sometimes you got to fight fire with fire.”, retorted Maya. “Whatever! Look I’ll do this, but if you don’t answer the phone or send me a text then I will assume things are bad and will be there with the police in no time. So if you DO plan on getting hot and heavy with this dude please send a girl a text or make a quick phone call so I won’t be up all night worrying about you.”, said Andria.  Laughing Maya said,” I promise you Andria there will be no hot and heavy going on, but I will call or text you to let you know when to cool it.”  “Okay, girl well let me go. Send me a text when you are about to go over there so I will know when to start  the time.”  “Alright chica, I sure will and thanks again for doing this.”  They both said their goodbyes, and then she hung up the phone and went into the bathroom to finish getting ready.  Around 7:45p.m she examined herself one last time in the full length mirror. For her date with Armand,  she chose to wear her sexy (drive your man crazy)red dress. 

The spaghetti strap dress was made for a full figured body like hers, snug and filled all in the right places.  It stopped short of her knees, but far enough that if she sat down it would rise just a little above her thighs. The crimson red was accentuated nicely by her mocha colored skin and she wore her hair up in a neat bun that was held together by two hair pins.   She wore her make-up natural, not too much eye shadow or blush, but just enough to pop her features and she  glossed her lips with a shade of strawberry lip gloss, thinking that if they did kiss he would taste strawberries on her lips.  Maya then walked into the living room turning on one of the small lamps behind her couch so she wouldn’t come back hom to a dark house. She picked up her purse, pulled on her jacket and then walked out her front door. She securely locked her door and started walking down the hall to Armand‘s apartment.  As she walked feelings of butterflies started to invade her stomach.
Oh my God! I can’t believe I am doing this! Just breath…just breath… its only dinner… you are just going to talk… that’s all. Nothing will happen unless you want it to!
Within a few minutes she was outside Armand’s door. Hesitantly, she lifted up her hand and knocked on the door.  A few seconds later the door opened with Armand staring intensely at her.

“Damn, you’re beautiful.” whispered Armand.
“Sorry, I didn’t catch that.”, said Maya nervously.
“Nothing.”, said Armand. “Please come in.”
Nervous Maya walked passed Armand into his apartment.
Please stay tuned to Next FRIDAY when Part 3 of “Just One Last Tastewill continue… until next time... ...Love and Peace always... D.P. Robinson


anne skeete said...

I think your writings are surreal and that you are a great author. I am looking forward to your next issues because with every line it keeps me on the edge of my seat.I anticipate the next moments. Please keep it up,I need more,more of your fabulouslessness. I will be there with you in the future. God Bless!