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Monday, February 21, 2011


NOTE TO READER: I do apologize for the late post of "Just One Last Taste Part 4" Over the past week, I became very busy  with work and life lol that it left me no time to write. Also ,the dreaded flu monster decided that it wanted bring its ugly head into my life and I was out for the count. But I sucked it up after much (encouragemet) ha ha...  from some very loyal readers: Lee, Tiffany and Novella.. I sucked it up and banged  it out! LMBO! I must say that I enjoyed writing this part and  I hope you all enjoy it too. Also, please leave comments and don't forget to share this with others who may enjoy the story Thanks..-DPR

Just One Last Taste Part 4

Maya opened her eyes slowly and looked around the darken room. It was so dark that she could barely see her hand in front of her face. As much as she tried, she realized that there was no source of light to be found anywhere. The loose and cool sheets that draped across her body felt slick and smooth like satin.  She also realized that the bed was much bigger than her queen size bed because no matter how far she stretched in a certain direction, she couldn’t feel the end of it.  As she laid there unsure of her surroundings, she tried to remember exactly how she got  there in the first place. While she stared into the abyss of perpetual darkness, visions soon started to flood her mind on all the past events that happened to bring her to her current circumstance.

 As the vision started to unfold, she saw herself going into Armand’s apartment, she saw how she admired the paintings on the wall and how she enjoyed the sweet wine and good food. She soon realized that not only did this vision allow her to see, but it allowed her to feel. As the vision continued to play she was soon engulfed again by Armand’s warmth and the remembrance of the fire behind his eyes excited her all over again. It then flashed to the moment where he kissed her and how hungry they were for each other. The vision twirled to the scene of the dance and the exotic and lustful noise that came out of both their mouths. The scent of spices tantalized her nose, the heat of desire filled her and the sheer knowing of familiarity sprang from within her soul. The vision then suddenly started to spiral and twist until it soon turned cold. As Maya laid there entranced by the vision that had seemed to have taken control of her, she curled herself up in a ball and started shivering from fear.  The vision moved to the moment when she saw Armand’s eyes turned gold, she could feel the tension in the air and anger radiate all around her in the atmosphere.  

Horror grasped her as she realized Armand wasn’t going to let her go. Then swiftly the vision moved to the moment where she ran towards the door and how he suddenly stopped her from reaching it. She could feel the rush adrenaline pumping through her veins as she fought with all she had to get past Armand to the door. She shuttered, as it showed her being slammed up against the wall and she could feel Armand’s warm breath upon her neck as he struggled for control.  The vision then turned and moved down a spiral slope and fear soon turned to anger. Maya then un-curled herself and even though it was dark she knew her eyes were blood red. The vision moved to the moment when she heard Armand’s voice whispering in her ear and telling her that she couldn’t go home anymore. She saw herself fighting against Armand to no prevail. She saw when he finally put her back on the ground and backed away from her, it then showed her running past him towards the kitchen. She aggressively picked  up  the knife that was lying on the counter top and she pointed it defiantly at Armand. She could hear his laugh as he taunted her and asked what was she going to do with the knife? A smile played across her lips as the vision replayed her response to him. She could hear the anger and the validity behind her words as she told him that she was going to F*ck him up if he came any closer to her. Even though the room was dark, she could see red sparks spill in all around her as anger continued to swell within her. The vision then showed Armand dashing towards her looking more animal that man.  She saw herself swipe at him with the knife as he charged her and barely missing him as he knocks the knife out of her hand and whips himself behind her and wrapping his arms around her neck. Again, she could feel Armand’s warm breath across her skin and the moist of his tongue as he kissed her neck. Then she saw him whispering something in ear, something foreign, something alien and the next thing she knew she was out. When the vision ended, Maya laid there in the bed  filled with so much anger that she abruptly sat up and screamed Armand’s name with total rage. Something inside her snapped and she then knew she had to find a way out, she had to survive and when she was done, she was going to find Armand and destroy him.
Raged fueled her and determination ignited her as she started scooting herself across the bed. She knew that the bed had to stop somewhere and she was determined to find out. No sooner than a few more scoots did she feel the edge of the bed and she slowly put her feet on the ground. She was thankful that the floor was carpeted and it felt warm against her feet. Not sure of which way to go she slowly made baby steps towards the direction in front of her.
I just got to hit a wall somewhere.

After it seemed like forever Maya finally did hit the wall. She quickly started feeling down the wall to see if she could find a light switch or door. She carefully moved a little bit to her right and slid her fingers up and down against it, looking for anything that give her clue on how to get out of there. When she couldn’t find anything in one spot, she would move to another.  She soon realized that the room was in a circular shape, the walls themselves were smooth with no cracks or nooks or anything indicating any flaws in the structure.  The more she moved around the room, the more her rage began to bubble inside her. She soon started kicking and screaming at walls, banging her fist against them, screaming to be let free. Yet, through all that; no one came and the room was still dark. Maya made her way slowly back to the bed. She then crawled to what she deemed was the middle of the bed, crossed her legs and sat there.  Her rage, no longer wanting to be contained begged and pleaded with her to be set free and Maya not knowing what else to do let it loose.

Maya screamed again and rage burst through her as light can break through the darkness. She felt an energy move all around her, caressing her, comforting her, strengthing her.  It lulled her with promises of vengeance and blood and it told her that it was going to take care of her and kill all who would harm her. She belonged to the rage and the rage belonged to her. Rage would not let her fear, rage told her to be patient and in due time the enemy will come and when they do nothing in hell could stop her. So Maya sat in middle of the bed letting rage be her teacher and she be it’s student.

Maya didn’t know how many hours had passed since she’s been in the room. All she knew was that when the time came, she was going get out and she was going to kill all who stood in her way.
Yes, my darling; listen to your rage. I will never fail you. We have been long separated you and I, but this has allowed us to be together again. I will kill all those who will try to harm you. Do you believe me?
Yes, I do.
Then let us join together and with me, you will never know fear again. You will dine on the flesh of your enemies and your cups will overflow with their blood. I will dawn your head with gold and silver and I will clothed you from the core of midnight. Those who see you will worship you in all your glory. You will be Queen among all. High you will sit above and people will tremble at your feet. You and I were meant to be and together we will rule all things. Maya, join me and together we will be unstoppable.
Yes, I will.

What seemed like a whole day had gone by; Maya heard a crack in the wall. Not wanting to give anything away to her enemy she sat still on the bed with her legs crossed and her face fallen to the laps of her breast. The wall soon cracked all the way opened and Maya heard small feet move across the room.  Still not wanting to alert her enemy of her plan she sat perfectly still. She then heard a small voice speaking  to her. The voice was soft and sweet and she hated it.  The voice showed weakness and there will be no room for weakness in her kingdom; she calculated this one would be an easy kill. The voice spoke again and this time she listened to the words coming forth. 
“Maya, my name is Alice and I was sent up here to take-care you. I do apologize for what my master has done. He didn’t mean to at all. You see it’s been a very long time and he just got overwhelmed and the startling news just… well you know… set him off.”
Maya didn’t care who or what this voice was referring to, she just knew that she had to get out of there and her rage was settled there within her, ready to jump at a moment’s notice.
“Maya”, said the voice again.  “Do you want anything…maybe something to eat or drink? There is a bathroom across the hall and we have a better room already prepared for you. If you don’t mind you can follow me and I will take you there. ”
Maya was curious to what owned this little voice, so slowly she lifted her head and cracked opened her eyes. When she did so, she quickly shut them because the light shining through was so blinding that it hurt to open them. She waited a few minutes and then tired to open her eyes again. This time when she opened them she saw a small woman with a plump frame and grayish curly hair smile up at her. The woman had mousey eyes with pointed ears and a stubble nose. Maya stared at the woman blankly for a few moments. She then looked at the open door and back at the woman. She started calculating how fast the woman might be able to move, but looking at her, she realized there was no way that this puny creature could beat her towards the door and her freedom. She looked at the creature again and she let a sinister smile crawl across her lips and when she spoke her voice took on a rich melodic tone that even surprised her.
“You said you master put me in this room, correct?”, said Maya
The little woman just nodded her.
“You also said that he lost control and that he didn’t meant to harm me, correct?”
Again the woman nodded her head this time a little nervous.
“ Then you say, he was so shaken by some strange news that he held me against my will, knocked me out and locked me in a darken room!”

And before the woman shake her head, Maya flew off the bed with unnatural speed and seized the woman by the neck.  She could feel the woman’s life force in her hands trembling with fear at her touch. She watched the woman’s sweat trickled down face as anguish filled her eyes. Maya threw back her head and laughed.
Yes, said the rage. She fears us as she should. Like I have promised you! No one will ever stop you/us again. Now, go and make this thing tell you/us how get out of here.
Yes, let’s make her tell us everything.
As Maya held the woman grasp between life and death. she felt power that she has not known before surge within her. She embraced it and accepted it as hers and hers alone.
She looked down at the woman again and saw terror run through her.
“Your… Your… eyes…”, said the woman. “There red… they are not… there is no way… Oh No!...”
“Oh yes! You weak and pathetic thing, you are smart to fear me. Cause I will kill you if you don’t help me. Do I make myself clear?”
The little woman shook head.
“Good”, said Maya “Now tell me, how do I get out of here?”
“There is but one way out and that’s through the front door, but its heavily guarded they won’t let you escape.”
“Really?”, laughed Maya. We shall see about that.

A few minutes later,Maya and the woman were walking down the hall. Maya had the woman by the neck and told her that if she even thought about screaming she would kill her and watch her blood spill to the floor. As the little woman continued guiding Maya down the hall; Maya started to observe her surroundings. she  looked upon with a sneer  at the bright colors of the paintings of the wall. She was  sickened by smell of spice in the air and she was pissed at the never ending peace that seemed to be present within this house.
Yes darling, recognize It, study it, and then destroy it! They had peace while you were locked away for no reason in a darken room. They find joy in the beauty of art when they should of saved you. Don’t worry we will make them grovel in pain and we will destroy all those closest to them, so they will no longer inhabit peace. Yes darling, we will do great things together.
As Maya and the little woman descended down the steps into the foyer there was a loud commotion going on and people started yelling all about.
“She has Alice!”, someone shouted
“Ahhhhhh… look at her eyes!”, yelled another voice.
The rage inside her started to laugh at the fear of these lesser beings. It drank its fill of fear as if it was nectar from a ripen tree. Power surged around Maya as she continued into the foyer and she enjoyed it. To be feared above all things was power that she would bath in and would kill all to keep. As soon as she got in the middle of the room she saw the front door. Not willing to show all her cards to her enemy or take an un-needed chances, she continued to grasp the neck of the little woman and instructed her to take her towards the door. 

 No sooner did she give those instructions when five well built, gorgeous and potentially deadly men stepped in front of her. She surveyed them equally and each one had their own amount of strength, flaws, and power. Yes, power radiated off these men and if it was any other time she would seduce the men and steal all that they have, but not at this moment.
As Maya continued to regard the men, she noticed that they were regarding her.  One of them with fair skin and long black hair spoke to her and said, “Maya, we mean you no harm here, but if you don’t let Alice go we will fight you and I cannot promise you won’t’ be hurt.”
Laughing Maya looked at the long hair man and said, “Do what you must, but if you don’t let me go, I will kill her and you right along with her.”
 “So be it.”, said the man with the long hair.
Smiling Maya took a deep breath and summoned all the rage within her.  A red mist started to swirl all around her and her eyes blazed brighter than ever.  She lifted her hand and pointed her finger at the man with the long hair and before she knew it, Armand appeared out of nowhere pushing the long haired man out of the way as a blast of power left her, nearly missing them and destroy the walls behind them.  Laughing hysterically, Maya embraced the power within her again and just as she was about to give off another shot.

Armand appeared before her and said, “Maya my love please stop this. All we want to do is help!”
Don’t listen to him. Remember he hurt you, he locked you up. He made you fear him. Now, make him fear you!
With a twisted smile Maya slowly lifted her finger to Armand’s face and said, “Die bastard! You will never lock me up again!”
As power began to surge through her one more time to let out a blast, a voice from behind her with equal power called her name.
“Maya stop!”
She turned around, but all she could see was a white light. “Let the woman go!”, yelled the voice.
“No!”, screamed Maya.
“You cannot have her.”, said the voice “She does not belong to you!”
“She's mine!”, said Maya, but she realized that it wasn’t her voice speaking, but another’s.
“She is not and never will be.”, said the voice. “I will make sure of that.”
“I have already seen into her soul you are too late!”, said the voice coming from Maya.

And before she knew it a surge of power blasted into her knocking her so hard that flew across the room and slammed into the wall. As she laid there she could feel her own rage residing away from her.  People started to gather all around and she felt strong arms pull her close and heard a voice whisper the words sorry in her ear. She noticed that the bright light grew closer and as it got closer to her, she looked and was shocked at what she saw. She opened her mouth and she said, “Grandma?”
“Yes, baby it’s me.”
Then room started to fade and soon she was out.

Please come back next Friday for Part 5 of Just One Last Taste… Until Next time Peace and Love Always-DPR