Welcome to the wonderful world that I call my imagination! So sit back and relax as I take you on a ride to a world of forgotten dreams, where the impossible is possible, where legends and outer elements co-exist. Where you will run into the creatures of the night and will cry tears when you see the beings of the light! Where shadows are more than what they seem and where creation is birthed by what you believe. Come join me and let's dance to the beat of the sweet melody of my dreams. .

Friday, February 11, 2011



As Maya stepped into Armand’s apartment, she felt like she was stepping into something familiar. There was a spice in the air that seemed to trigger all her senses. The warm scent of cinnamon and vanilla mixed with a hint of nutmeg enveloped her like a fitted glove clutching close to her skin, soothing any anxiety she might have felt earlier. As she continued looking around the living room, she noticed that the walls were nicely decorated with abstract paintings and few tribal masks that were a lined neatly against them. She also noticed that his furniture was strangely comforting and it was nothing like she would have pictured for a man like Armand. 

His brown plush couch and loveseat were fixed caddy cornered to each other with a flat screen TV adjacent to them on the wall.  On the other side of the room was a mahogany dining table that was big enough for two people to sit and eat at comfortably.  After her quick inspection of the room, Maya took a glance at Armand. He was dressed in washed out jeans and he too wore a red shirt with sleeves that were raised just about his arm so that every time he moved you could see his muscles slightly contract. She dared herself and took a glance into his eyes: there was hunger there, none that she has ever seen on a man before. Any person in their right mind would be bolting towards the door never to look back, but yet, she wasn’t afraid of him. What she saw behind his eyes didn’t scare her, but excited her; as if it was speaking to her, assuring that everything was going to be okay. They regarded each other for a few seconds and then Maya turned her head back to the living room, took a deep breath and said, “You have a lovely home.”
“Thank you. It’s not much but it serves it purpose for now … Please May I take your coat?", asked Armand in his heavily rich and accented voice that seem to have dropped a few octaves lower.
“Umm sure”, said Maya “
Laughing Armand took Maya’s coat in his arms and put it on the coat rack that was hanging beside the door.
“Well!”, said Armand “Please have a seat.  Would you like something to drink? I have red wine chilling or I have some coke if you prefer?”
Smiling Maya said, “Red Wine please.” 
“Great choice.”, said Armand
And with that he left Maya sitting on the couch as he went back to the kitchen area to get her a glass of wine. While she waited for Armand to return, she got up and started walking towards the paintings on the wall. There were six of them and each one was placed in a perfect line one beside the other.  The first one had swirls of blue and gold that looked almost like ribbons dancing with each other in perfect harmony. There was a sense of peace about this painting, a harmony that she felt she once knew a long time ago.  The second painting had colors of orange and green and as she stared at it, she could almost see a rich forest penetrating through it. Life seemed to radiate through the painting, it felt like it represented the beginning of all things. Again, she felt like she knew this painting and it was speaking to her spirit as much as the other one was.  As she continued looking at each painting, the feeling of familiarity became stronger with each one that she assessed.  

The last painting on the wall had the colors of black and red that were swirled and intertwined with one another.  As she stared at the painting something seemed to snap within her soul. Not only was this painting familiar, but she understood the meaning of its passion and of its sorrow, two emotions that were on separate sides of the spectrum, but worked together in a perfect  union. She took her finger and she slowly and gently started following the lines within the painting, stroking the curves of the red swirls and out lining the brush strokes of the black lines
Why do I know this painting? Why do they feel so real to me, like they are mine?
She was so entranced with the painting that she jumped when felt Armand's warm hand on her shoulder.
“Beautiful isn’t it?”, said Armand huskily. As she looked up at him she could see his gaze heavy upon her face and she watched his eyes as they lingered upon her lips.
Licking her lips Maya whispered, “Yes, it is… where did you get it?”
His hand slowly started to caress her shoulder, using his thumb to make circular movements on the back of her shoulder blade.  With his eyes still fixed on her lips Armand said, “I have had these paintings for many years.  A person very close to me painted them and when they had to leave, I kept them in hopes to one day to return it to them.”
“Where did the person go?”, said Maya.
Armand dropped his hand from Maya’s shoulder and handed her a glass filled with red wine.

“Here is your wine, please taste and let me know what you think of it. I doubt that you will find another like it.”
Maya took the glass in her hand and no sooner did she put the glass to her lips that the sweet aroma of the wine aroused her senses. As she tasted the wine an explosion of vibrant strawberries that had been laced with the hint of sun kissed kiwis tickled and played with her tongue.
“Wow!” exclaimed Maya. “This is good!”
Laughing Armand said, “I am glad you like, it was made from my personal vineyard.”
“Really?”, said Maya. “I didn’t know… I mean… you own a vineyard?”
“Yes, I own a vine yard and many other things that I would like to share with you in time.”
“What do you mean by that?”, said Maya.
With his hand stretched out he said, “Come let us dine together.”
“Okay…” stammered Maya as she took his hand. He led her across the room to the dining room table. As they got closer to the table she noticed that the table was eloquently set with a medium sized candelabra in center of the table. The candelabra was surrounded by red and white rose petals and the silver laced plates glistened under the candle light.  Armand pulled a chair out for Maya and beckoned her to sit down. He then disappeared into the kitchen. As Maya sat there she couldn’t shake the feeling that she has done this before.
Why do I feel like I know this man. I only met him today; I should not be having these kinds of feelings towards him.
Realizing that she hasn’t texted Andria yet, she pulled her phone out of her purse and dialed Andria’s number.
“Hello,” Andria said, “Maya is everything alright?”
Whispering Maya said, “Hey chica... Yeah everything is okay. I am calling to tell you that you don’t have to do the operation check on my best friend, the date is going great.”
“Hmmm… I don’t know Maya; I mean you just met him. I would feel comfortable if I at least text you in a hour or so just to see if your okay.”
“I am telling you girl I am going to be fine, but just to put your mind at ease, if I don’t contact you by twelve then feel free to blow up my phone as much as you want and if I don’t answer then call the police.”
“Okay….”, said Andria “Well you be safe and I want all the juicy and nasty details later.”
“HUH! I am telling you nothing is going to happen between us.”, exclaimed Maya
“Yeah, Yeah… bye chica”
“Bye girl!”, said Maya and as soon as she hung up the phone in came Armand with two platters in his hand.  One platter contained a mix green salad and the other held slices of pork tenderloin that was glazed with a sweet apricot sauce.

“Oh my goodness!”, “I mean I heard of men who can cook, but honey it looks like you really can cook.”
Laughing Armand prepared Maya’s plate and placed it in front of her and then he prepared his plate and sat in the chair adjacent from her.
“Please dig in.”, said Armand
“You don’t have to tell me twice.”, exclaimed Maya.  As Maya took a bite of the tenderloin she was overflowed with the salty and sweet mix as it tantalized her tasted buds. “Mmmmmmhhhh!”, moaned Maya. “ This is soooooo good! Wow! So now I know that you can cook like this, we might have to make this an everyday thing.”, said Maya flirtatiously.
“I am glad that you are enjoying it.  Maya tell me about yourself have you always lived in Cherrydale, South Carolina?”
“As long as I can remember I have.” said Maya sheepishly. “I grew up with my grandmother who is still living by the way. She owns a small second hand bookstore on the west side of town. I don’t really remember too much of my parents, but my grandmother told me that my mom died  long ago and as far as my dad is concerned I never met him and to my grandmother he was dead anyways.
“Really.”, said Armand surprised. “Why would she think that?”
“I don’t know.”, said Maya. “She would never talk about him and even if I tried to ask her questions like who was I most like my mom or my dad? She would get mad and tell me to never compare myself to him ever again. So, I just stopped asking.”
“Interesting”, said Armand.
“Yeah it is, but we got along fine and I moved out about three years ago and have been doing fine on my own ever since.”
“It looks like you have.”, said Armand as he slowly moved himself away from the table, he reached out his hand again and said, “Come dance with me.” Stunned by the sudden change of subject, Maya glanced longley at her pork tenderloin and said, “okay…but ummm we will come back to finish eating right?”
“Yes, Maya and many other things, but let’s dance.”
Maya took Armand’s hand and he led her to the center of the living room. He put his arm around her waist and slowly started dancing. Confused, Maya asked. “Ummmm…Armand…. What are we dancing to?”
“Well… music… do you not hear it?” and just as she was about to say no, she heard it. At first it seemed soft, but then it started to grow louder and as the volume continued to grow louder the closerArmand pulled Maya to him.
The sensual music was beautiful and it engulfed the room with its presence. As the beat crescendo, the faster Armand moved them and as the beat decrescendo the slower Armand moved. The music in itself had a life of its own; taking Maya on a world wind of emotions, twisting and turning her in its own pure essence of raw energy.

 As they danced, Maya allowed her body to relax against Armand, letting him take full charge of her movements. As her arms rested around his neck, Maya closed her eyes and breathed in deeply taking in his full scent of spice and musk that was truly male.  Heat swirled within her as Armand’s cheek rested gently against her cheek, she giggled softly as his face hair slightly tickled her. She was so taken by it all that she barely noticed when Armand started to kiss her gently against her neck. First, the kisses were small and soft and as they continued, they grew longer and more heated. Soon waves of hunger seemed to devour them both as Armand fervently kissed her neck giving a low growl each time she tried pull herself closer to him, tighting her arms around his neck.

Just as Maya thought she couldn’t take any more, Armand kissed her deeply on the lips igniting a fire that seemed to have been  buried so deep inside her, that her body was set ablaze instantly. Passionately, they continued to kiss, clawing against each other’s skin making low moans and growls. Just as if someone flashed on a light in a darken room Maya abruptly pulled out of Armand’s arms and backed away from him slowly panting.  She looked up at Armand and saw that his eyes were no longer black, but gold. Knowing that something must be wrong she closed her eyes shook her head and looked at him again. This time his eyes were back to their original color.
“Sorry…” said Armand breathlessly "Maya, I didn’t mean to… I mean I meant too, but not like this”
“Yeah I seem to be getting a lot of the "sorry" this week”, said Maya
“What do you mean?”, asked Armand who was still panting a little as he walked over to sit down on the couch.
“Well… I mean it’s just been one rough week. A few days ago my boyfriend of three years broke up with me stating that it wasn’t me it was him.”
Smirking Armand said, “Well his lost and hopefully my gain.”
Shaking off the sudden heat that rose to her cheeks Maya continued “And then I met you on the elevator on my way to the police….”
“Hold… What do you mean?  Why did you have to go to the police?”, asked Armand in steely voice. His body language was no longer relaxed and playful as it was earlier, but more taunt and alert.
“Well.”, said Maya nervously “I went to the police because I got a phone call from a man with a deep baritone voice stating that he has been looking all over for me and that he was coming to see me in 4 days. The call sort of freaked me out so I went to the police to see if there was anything I can do about it and since it was only one call it couldn’t be counted as a prank call so I am basically stuck.”
When Maya finished she noticed that the temperature in the room dropped and that Armand was un-naturally still with his head down and eyes closed.
“Damn!”, growled Armand “I thought I had more time…. No Fu*k^%$ way he found you before me. Shit! There must be a snitch within the ranks.”
“Huh?”, said Maya “I am confused what are you talking about?”
With his head still down, Armand  said in a stone voice, “Maya, I’m sorry, but you can’t go home now.”
“What do you mean I can’t go home?… what in the hell is going….”  Before Maya could finish her sentence Armand lifted his head and looked up at her  and she saw that his  eyes were no longer black, but blazing gold.
“Oh, Sh**!”, screamed Maya as she made a dash towards the front door. She was almost at the door when a blur went flying by her and before she knew it, she was slamming against Armand. “Let me the F***k out of here”, screamed Maya as she balled up her fist and started punching Armand in the chest. Just as she was about to give him one big punch in the face Armand swiftly grabbed Maya and slammed her up against the door. Disorientated by the sudden impact, it took her a few seconds to realize that she was slammed against the door and that her feet  were no longer touching the ground. On her neck she could feel Armand’s warm breath as he raggedly breathed and struggled for control. “Maya!”, growled Armand. “Again, you cannot leave.” He then let his lips slide gently across her neck and breathed in deeply like he was taking all of her in. He then pulled slightly away from her using one hand to  hold her against the wall,  she was relieved that he was no longer upon her, but was un-nerved  by the fact that one arm of his was strong enough to keep her from moving. “What the freak are you?”, screamed Maya.

Ignoring her, he then reached into his pocket pulled out his cell phone and speed dialed a number.  It rang a few times before Maya heard a male's voice on the other end. “We have been compromised.”, said Armand. “He knows she’s here… Yes, I damn well know the Old Lady is not going to like this, but I am bringing her in!” Then Armand hung up the phone and looked down at Maya. “Sorry Maya, but I have no choice… you must come with me.”
“No the hell I don’t!”, screamed Maya.
Laughing Armand said, “We will see about that.”
Please come back next Friday for Part 4 of Just One Last Taste… Until Next time Peace and Love Always-DPR.